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OD answering services have been servicing Greater Boston and Massachusetts for over 50 Years !

• New customers - 1 month free service

Not sure if this is the right fit? Do you think it will be beneficial for your company? Well no pressure from OD’S. With the free month service you will be able to see what we have to offer and what works best for you. During this time we can learn about your company and grasp onto how maybe we can help you grow and succeed!. If you decide you want to continue with the service, we will run a report to give us INCOMING call volume only to determine your flat monthly rate going forward. This rate does not change unless volume exceeds flat rate tier for 3 consecutive months, at that time we would revisit as your business continues to grow. Call Today 617-591-1190




























About Our Answering Service

We are your business! What does that mean? Well it means that at OD’s we take pride in learning and understanding the business of our customers to become an extension of your office when you are not available. Each call is not only important to you but it is important to us and is handled with the utmost care, professionalism, and genuine friendliness.

Through valued years of experience our fully trained staff is available 24/7 to assist with your business needs whether it is during your normal business hours or after. If you want to be a 24 hour a day business but you do not have the man power to do so, well that is where we step in.

The services provided are endless, but it is all based on what is essential to you. Contact us and we can further discuss what we can do for you.

Services We Provide

•24/7 Live Operator
We are there for you when you cannot be. The live operator 24/7 provides customers with the feeling that someone is always there for them. No one wants to leave a message on a voice mail not knowing when someone will listen, or worse when they may respond. Customers want the interaction and connection with a live person who they entrust will provide them with the assistance they may need. We want to be that person for you!
•Superior Customer Service
All interactions are personable, providing the client/customer with direct attention and focus on what their needs may be. For any reason you need to discuss changes to your account, or have any questions in general you will always get a response same day. We are an advocate for our callers giving each the reassurance and peace of mind that we are delivering their message to the area in which is needed for response. Service with a smile and genuine care.
•Emergency gas generator backup system
Inclement weather, loss of power, or even a grid-wide failure will not stop us from answering your calls. Installed is an emergency gas generator back up system that secures our stations will be up and running regardless of what elements we are presented with. There will be no dropped calls with us.
•Redundancy internet service for phone lines
The newest technology today is VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This simply means that the telephone lines are via the internet versus the old copper lines. The benefit of this has been the ability to set up a secondary internet source with different provider which acts as a fail over switch. In the event that our primary internet source goes down for any reason, it will automatically switch over to the secondary source this switch would be transparent to our customers. We understand that if phones lines go down there is a direct impact to any and all businesses that we NEVER want to a part of.
•Account Customized to fit your needs: Personalized greeting & messages formatted based on information you need.
It is all about you. The most essential information you need taken is the information we will obtain. Callers provide a lot of detail when looking for assistance. We understand the information you need and rely what you are looking for. OD’s is representing your company once the calls are answered, therefore your account is customized to how your own office would be run.
•All calls are recorded for quality assurance and recordings available upon request
For both our protection and yours, all incoming and out coming calls are recorded. At any time if you need to hear a particular call for any reason, an email clip can be sent to you. In addition to ensuring accuracy, recording calls has been an invaluable training tool to learn how we can continually improve in the diverse industries that we service.
•Highly Trained staff w/combined 50 yrs experience
Each staff member has significant levels of experiences working with Answering Services
•Call Dispatched via fax, cell, email, text, alpha paging or combination of any.
OD’s accommodates you! There are many advances in the world of technology today. We work with you and what you are comfortable with. If you are primarily out of your office during the day and you need calls sent to your phone via text ,email or prefer to have messages faxed to the office the options are endless and in any combination you desire.
•Monthly Flat rates based on INCOMING monthly call volume (no additional charge)
There are no hidden fees and no additional charges for outgoing calls/ messages sent/ or daily reporting requested. All rates are based on what the call volume is during a 1 month period and is discussed after the 1 month free trial.