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About OD Answering Service

Pauline O’Donovan started O’Donovan’s Answering Service 50 years ago in the basement of her home. Dedicated businesswoman, mother of 5, and amazing wife there was nothing that could stop her from achieving her goals. The pride and ambition she had in providing supreme customer service to the local businesses made her #1. Her staff grew in their knowledge and understanding of the business due to her great mentoring and leadership. The hands on approach set her apart from the surrounding competition. She knew it was not just the boss part that mattered but it was being involved in her own business as an agent operator herself.

When it began time to think of retirement Mrs O’Donovan she thought of no one else of taking the reigns than her longtime employee of 19 years, Jennifer Dadmun. She knew Jennifer had what it would take to bring the answering service to the next level yet keeping it local small and personal.

Jennifer Dadmun has taken the company and rebranded as O’D Answering Service remembering and honoring where it all started. Taking the words of wisdom from previous owner and making them the staple in her business, “We are not JUST an answering service or call center” Jennifer has grown the business and added clientele. What sets her apart from the corporate world of answering services is the personal interaction each client receives and them knowing that she is there for them. Large call centers with home based agents are generic and unwelcoming and that is something OD’s will never be.